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Tips To Score Better For Your Piano Sight Reading Exams

As sight reading is one of the main weaknesses that many Singaporean students face for their piano ABRSM examinations, here are some tips to help you overcome the common obstacles! I recommend that you also takeĀ private home piano lessons from a private music teacher from Sglearnpiano, one of the top agencies in Singapore. Getting a good teacher is 50% of success.

Firstly, rhythm is the number one most important thing and the grading factor which takes up the largest percentage. This is why you must always put priority of getting the rhythm right when it comes to piano sight-reading more than anything else. Even if you hit a wrong key, you want to continue. Do not repeat the key and attempt to correct it, or you would have messed up the rhythm of the song. Even professional pianists play the wrong notes once in a long while, but it is very difficult to catch these wrong notes because they never go back to repeat that phrase. Can you imagine how comical that situation will be in a piano recital performance? That is the reason why you have to stick to the right rhythm when it comes to the piano ABRSM sight reading examinations.

Secondly, you are always given the opportunity to practice for approximately 30 seconds before the actual piano sight reading exam segment starts. Always take this opportunity to play out the entire song unless it’s exceptionally long. In the event it is exceptionally long and you definitely do not have time to go through it once, then make sure to check out the first few keys so that you start off strong, and then go through the ‘difficult’ parts of the song. Figure those out, and you will be confident.

Thirdly, when you start playing the piece, always look slightly ahead. Look at least several notes ahead. When you look ahead, you are always prepared to play the right few notes and getting the rhythm right still. However, if you do not look forward, you will end up getting surprised sometimes, and that is bad. This is one of the simplest but most effective tips when it comes to scoring better for the piano ABRSM examinations.

Eight Killer Tips To Improve Your Piano Playing Skills

If you are a piano student that wants to quickly master playing the piano and be a professional at it, for whatever reason, then here are eight big tips to help you improve your piano playing skills.

First of all, it is better to practise smart by focusing on the stuff that is causing you difficulties for a short while every day, rather than spamming 3 to 4 hours or more of mindless piano practice. Some piano teachers teach you the wrong way and ask you to practise non stop. However, that is about one of the worst ways to master the instrument. In fact, you must always practise smartly. Make sure that you focus on your weak points first, otherwise, it will always show up in future as you tackle harder songs or faster songs. A good piano teacher should always teach you to work on your weaknesses first because you are only as strong as your weakest link.

Second of all, listen to your own piano playing. When it comes to music instruments such as the violin, what happens is that you need to consciously focus on your playing and the music that comes out. However, the piano kind of takes care of that for you automatically. Therefore, many students slip into the bad habit of just trying to press the right notes, without listening to the quality of the music they are producing on the piano! If that is too difficult for you in the beginning, then you can record yourself (video) from the side. This way, you will be able to then listen to the way you play the instrument, and if you make any mistakes, or did not play a particular part exactly the way it should sound, you will know what went wrong and what you did on the keyboard. Make sure to record your playing using a video camera and not just a sound recorder, otherwise you may not know what went wrong with the way your fingers or thumbs pressed the keys.

Next of all, watch other professional pianists play the piano. Do not just listen to the song. Instead, watch the exact way their fingers and thumb work and then see the way they work the piano. That is easiest way to quickly master playing the piano. Listening alone will be useless because it is difficult to guess how the pianist actually did that. Due to YouTube, there are lots of such videos. In fact, you do not even need to listen to pianists playing the particular song you want to master (though it is best if that is possible). Simply look at that way they press and work the keyboard and the kinds of music that come out. Doing this often along with regular practice will ensure your success in becoming a master at the instrument

One of the best training for your ear training to improve your eventual piano playing is to join a choir. If it is proper SATB choral singing, it will improve your ear, your musicianship skills and your music reading like nothing else. It is a simple method, but it will largely and quickly improve your ear training, which will then help you play the piano better. In fact, if your ear is very well trained musically, you will also be better able to play any kind of sheet music because you can ‘hear’ the music just by looking at the sheet music, and that will translate to much better piano playing!

Piano lessons in Singapore are not necessarily dirt cheap, so you want to make the full use of it by practising mindfully when you are practising during your free time in the day or evening as well!

For the remaining tips, just watch the video below.